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Cervical Cancer Prevention: Take Care of Your Health, Protect Yourself!


Cervical Cancer Prevention: Take Care of Your Health, Protect Yourself!

Cervical cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that affects many women in Indonesia. However, it's important to remember that cervical cancer can be prevented. Knowing the correct preventive measures is crucial for every woman to protect themselves from this disease. Let's explore some simple and important steps in preventing cervical cancer:

Routine Pap Smear Examination:

A Pap smear examination is an important initial step in preventing cervical cancer. This test is performed to collect cervical cell samples and determine if there are cells that have the potential to develop into cancer. It's essential to undergo a Pap smear examination routinely every 3 years, especially for women above 21 years old or those who are sexually active until they reach the age of 65.

Routine HPV Examination:

An HPV test is another vital test for cervical cancer prevention. HPV is the main trigger of cervical cancer, and this test helps detect the presence of the virus. For women above 30 years old, it's recommended to have an HPV test every 5 years or it can be combined with a Pap smear.

HPV Vaccination:

The HPV vaccine is an effective preventive measure against cervical cancer. It is recommended for girls aged 9-13 years before they become sexually active. However, women above 26 years old who haven't been vaccinated can still get it. HPV vaccination is also recommended for boys, as it can protect them from genital warts, penile cancer, anal cancer, and prevent HPV transmission to partners.

Avoid Risky Sexual Relationships:

It's important to avoid high-risk sexual relationships, as HPV can be transmitted through sexual contact. While using condoms can help reduce the risk of transmission, it's not a fully effective method. Each sexually active couple is advised to be faithful to each other to prevent the spread of the virus.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for cervical cancer, especially for women infected with HPV. Quitting smoking and avoiding exposure to passive smoke can minimize the risk of cervical cancer.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Weight:

A balanced diet is key to overall health, including cervical cancer prevention. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed and high-trans fat foods. Additionally, maintaining an ideal body weight is important, as being overweight can increase the risk of cervical cancer.

Remember that cervical cancer often doesn't show symptoms in the early stages, making prevention the most crucial step. Regularly check your health, and if you experience any symptoms or abnormalities, consult a doctor immediately. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and undergoing routine examinations, you can protect yourself from cervical cancer and lead a better life. Take care of yourself and spread awareness about cervical cancer prevention for the safety of all!


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